Thursday, March 14, 2013

Pieces of earth

I have always loved stones and rocks, any kind of little piece of nature.  When I was a kid my mom said I had little collections everywhere, and my pockets always had something collected in them from the day.  Things have not changed much since then and I still collect pieces when we are out exploring, especially if it is somewhere we have never been before.  I find it comforting to keep little pieces of nature around me, and have them tucked into little corners of our house.  When I joined the Apothecary Circle last year I never expected to learn so much about stones, crystals, and the properties they possess.   I have learned so much, and find it so interesting that the stones that I have always gravitated towards turn out to have properties that are important to me.  I love how this community has taught me and continues to teach me about so many different things.  So, now I have even started an even larger stone collection of my own, and will continue to add new ones that I am drawn to.  One of my favorites has always been Citrine, and I found a gorgeous chunk of it on our weekend adventure last week. 

Through my friend Ginger's blog East 80 I have learned so many things about stones and crystals.  She is a geology student and has started a series on her blog called the crystal guide series.  I seriously recommend hopping over there are checking out some of her guides to different stones.  According to her blog citrines metaphysical properties are:

-Develops clear lines of thought, essentially clearing the fog in your mind. Helpful with communication especially in debates or arguments.
-Will not hold negative energy.  Needs no cleansing. 
-"Can help to dispense with the fundamental level of fear"
-Shines light on hope and brings lightness to heavy situations. Use if you are in need of a good laugh.
-JOYFUL STONE, releases anger as well as fear.
-Like jade, citrine is associated with wealth.  Keep a stone in your piggy bank, or wherever you keep your money. 

Looks like I need to make sure to keep a piece of citrine close at all times, and I am definitely going to add a small piece inside my wallet.  What are some of you favorite stones or crystals?

Make sure to check out Gingers blog East 80 to learn more from an expert and also check out her beautiful Etsy shop here.

Also the Apothecary Circle is open for Spring registration right now until the Spring Equinox.  Feel free to use the coupon code on the right side of my blog for 15% off.  I cannot recommend this course enough, it is a life changer.


  1. yayyyy! thanks for the kind words hollie!! it makes me so happy to know that someone enjoys what i'm doing :)

    the apothecary circle is amazing. so much knowledge is being shared, and it's so nice to meet people who share your interests and just get it. it's all really exciting!

  2. i love citrine! it's one of my top favorites that i always buy and carry around. i have my heart set on purchasing a citrine cave this summer to put in my wealth corner. yay! so glad you are enjoying learning about crystals, it was quite an exciting time for me a few years ago when i was introduced to them from a friend, love them!

  3. Hi! New follower, we've talked on Instagram though, SabrnaFox :) I LOVE CITRINE! Just like you, I have always loved stones and rocks but just recently have started to learn more about their properties! Just last week I was going crazy reading about Citrine. What a small world!

  4. can't beleive you found a chunk of citrine ... I never find crystals and significant stones where we live ... but they find us when we need them right, so one day maybe. X

  5. And I have YOU to thank for my recent interest in stones and crystals, and the properties they hold. Such a fascinating world! I love it.