Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Cozy corners

Thank you all so very much for you words of love and support yesterday.  Feeling much better today, with a brighter outlook.  I know it is going to take a lot of time and work to let this heartache go, but I am never going to stop trying.
Now, onto something a bit more cheery around here.  I thought once every couple weeks I would introduce a little part of my home that is my favorite.  A little spot that holds some special things that mean the world to me. Introducing cozy corners....

This little corner is actually in our entryway.  The red cabinet is a vintage piece from the early 1900's from Ethan Allen.  It was actually used as a dry sink when it was created.  You would have a basin and a pitcher of water for washing up. Oh how times have changed, modern plumbing I love you!  This piece belonged to my husbands grandparents, and his grandma Ina Belle painted it this gorgeous color before she passed.  It holds a lot of memories for us, especially my husband.
We use it for our record player and to hold some of our favorite albums, we also have some of our favorite art pieces hanging over it.  Now onto some of the pieces it holds:

This little owl light is actually a Scentsy warmer, but I just use it as a cute little lamp. It gives off the warmest glow.  These three books I keep close because they are some of my favorites.  The vintage polaroid was actually purchased from Katelyn of Gypsy Moth Sol from an online garage sale. 

I kind of have a thing for beautiful winged critters.  This is a Darwin butterfly and I found her from Bugs Under Glass.  The most important thing is that all their pieces are ethically made, and harvested.  

This piece is one of my favorites we have in our house.  The quote is one of my faves, by my favorite poet of all time Mary Oliver.  Her words speak right to my soul, and the artist Katie Daisy just makes the most beautiful art.

This piece is hands down one of the most awesome things I have ever purchased from Etsy.  It is a custom painting I had made for my husband last month for our 14th(!!) anniversary. The shop is called NewspaperBalloon, and the artist Ariel is so amazing.  She was so spot on in capturing us, and two of our girls.  I couldn't be happier, and highly recommend her!

This piece is from Marisol Spoon, and I seriously wish I could own every single piece she makes.  I just love her.

These last two pieces are tiny, but I love them.  The top is a picture of a vintage Brownie camera that I would love to own.  I got the print here.  The last picture on the bottom is of Shakespeare & Co. in Paris.  I have dreamed of visiting this bookstore and Paris since I was a teenager.  I got the print here.  
I hope you enjoyed this very first cozy corner post.  I love seeing other peoples homes and their pieces that they treasure, and I hope you do too!


  1. i'm glad you're feeling better today :) that owl warmer is the cutest thing ever. i'm checking out scentsy now and lovin it

    1. Thank you Ginger! Yes, the owl is so awesome. I love him, and seriously gives off the best light.

  2. I didn't know Rick's grandma's name was Ina! You know that's my Mom's name!? I adore your home - everything about it is magical. This Cozy Corners is going to be a fun feature!

    1. Thank you Juli! I think it holds a bit of magic too, it is a special little house. I did know that, I think we have talked about it. But maybe not. You don't hear that name very often, that is for sure.

  3. That butterfly is beautiful! x

    <3 Melissa