Thursday, March 28, 2013

Bringing back the balance

I have always felt connected to the moon, and the magic she holds.  The full moon always feels special to me and brings me a sense of calm whenever I spend time under her.  Even the week of the full moon, I usually feel overall calmer and more relaxed.  This week though has felt different for me.  It has felt hurried, stressful, and just overall crazy.  So, I wanted to do something special during this full moon to bring balance back to myself and my body.  I am enrolled in Moondaughter's Aphrodite workshop right now, and we are learning on how to use the phases of the moon in different ways. Yesterday she posted a recipe for a bath soak she likes to call her love soak blend.  I decided this would be a good way to treat myself and let go of all the negative energy that my body was carrying from the past few days.  Here is her recipe:

3/4 Organic sea salt
A handful of pink Himalayan salt
Handful dried rose petals
Handful dried lavender buds
4-5 petals of dry pink hibiscus
6 drops Ylang Ylang oil
6 drops Geranium oil
1-2 drops vanilla essential oil
And mix altogether!

I was all out of vanilla essential oil, so I just scraped a whole vanilla bean and added that.  The smell is out of this world!

I filled the bath and the scent was so powerful it
immediately began to relax me, also the pink hibiscus petals turned the water a beautiful shade of pink.  I breathed in, put on my favorite bath time playlist, and pictured all the negative energy leaving my body.

It was just what I needed, a felt like a new person after.  So much more relaxed and lighter, it really felt like the burdens of the few days before were gone.  With cheeks still pink from my bath I went outside and spent some time with lady luna.  She was extra beautiful, with almost an orange hue.

I ended the night feeling much more grounded than I had all week, and it made me feel like I was ready to face the challenges of what the next few days hold.  On top of that I slept like a baby last night. 

How do you spend time bringing back the balance to your life?  Does the moon hold special power for you? 

Also, KV of Aquarius Nation has posted her full moon reports over on Roots and Feathers, go check them out.  She has amazing insight for each sign in the zodiac.


  1. ugh i really wish i had a bathtub!

    1. I didn't have one for a really long time, and it was the worst. Now of course I don't use mine as often as I should.

  2. <3 I loved when Marissa posted that, so delicious sounding and I imagine delicious smelling!

    I was feeling very anxious and full of energy this full moon, though not exactly in a good way. I couldn't slow down!

    I find that I often feel wonderful, and full of energy and creativity, around the full moon every month. I love when she is full in the sky. :)