Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Oregon, you have a piece of my heart.

Oh, Oregon.  Every time we visit there I try to convince myself that we can move there.  The green, the laid back vibe, no sales tax!  So many good things.  But then I think about leaving our family behind, and I am back to reality.  I don't think I could move that far away from my family, it would just be to hard.  

We had such a good visit though, so relaxing.  We got to spend so much time with some of the people we love the most in the world.  Even though when we leave, it makes me miss them that much more.  It is hard when one of your best friends lives in another state.  

I love road trips, like a lot.   I am sure my husband was over me telling him to pull over every few exits to take pics of something.  There is just so much magic everywhere!

All the corn fields along the way were the most beautiful golden color.  They had all been harvested already, but the contrast of the blue against the golden corn, gets me every time. 

We drove from here in San Diego, and made it the 10ish hours to Sacramento, and stayed the night.  In the morning we found their local Whole Foods Market, and stocked up on healthy road treats, and stuff for a picnic lunch along the way.  It is kind of our tradition to stop in Lake Shasta and eat, and stretch.  The lake was so low, I couldn't get any pics of the water, but it is so beautiful there.  Pine was in the air, even though it was HOT!

We made it to Oregon!  Be still my heart, I am so enamored with it there.  We always pull over at the same spot and take a pic here.  

When we made it to our friends house, we were instantly loving and playing with their kids.  As much as we miss our friends, we miss their kids terribly too.  It is really hard to not be close to all of them.  Even looking at these pics makes me teary.  They are such great kiddos, hilarious, smart, and sweet.  

This is baby Cooper, their newest addition.  This was our first time meeting him in person, and we are in love.  Sweet little man.

Vacation means lots of eating, which I am totally ok with.  I love how many places in OR are open and nice about working with dietary restrictions.  This mexican food place was so awesome, and everything on my plate was 100% GF.  So yummy too.  

Henry and Maggie approve too!

Oh, Dutch Bros. Coffee. Let me tell you, I don't regularly drink coffee, but theirs is so good.  I think we went five times in the four days we were there.  I really wish they would come to Southern California.  Actually maybe I don't, I really don't think I would be that good at practicing restraint.  If you ever have a chance, give their coco mocha a try, so much rip roaring caffeine goodness!

This is Lithia Park in Ashland.  This place is pure magic.  Also has a pretty cool history, check it out here.   Every time we come to visit, we have to go to Ashland.  It is the coolest little town with such a laid back hippie vibe.  This park is so beautiful.  So much open space, with a beautiful creek and reservoir you can swim in, and awesome playgrounds for the kids.  I would have to say this place is definitely one of my happy places. 

Minnow catching success!  She named him speedy, and then we sent him back to the streams.  

There are berries growing everywhere in Oregon.  These were growing creekside, so I was munching while swimming.

Graced by these beautiful babies.  They were so calm and sweet.

I left one of the stones in a beautiful spot in the park from Megan's awesome Project Then When.  I am hoping the right soul found it. 

Oh, Oregon sunsets.  Magic.

We headed out to Applegate Lake for our last full day, this place is beautiful, and the water was delicious! We pretty much had the whole lake to ourselves too. 

Giving all my GF cider options a shot.  This one is delicious.  

Cutest buns on the planet.  

Floating and relaxing with my favorite five year old.  The stories she was telling me were awesome.  Maggie is one special kiddo. 

Our last morning in OR, we woke up to thunderstorms.  So of course we had to head outside to do a little rain dance before we headed out of town.  

On the drive home, we stopped at Crow's Landing for magic hour.  Rolling hills, and the California aqueduct in the background.  The golden light was pure bliss. 

A little dumpster Kerouac. You never know where you are going to find magic.  It was an awesome trip, and much needed break for the hubby and I.  Until next summer, Oregon....


  1. I've always wanted to move to Oregon ever since I first visited when I was 11. I promised myself when I was old enough to go to college I would apply to school there. I dont think I was meant to live in San Diego. I much prefer the green, damp weather of the pacific northwest.

    The one thing that sucks about living in sd is the lack of vegan/gf/raw places. Sure there are a few but its the norm in places up north to have a vegan place on every corner, and kombucha in every liquor store.

    That lake looks gorgeous! My best friend lives in NY so its harder to visit, but your trip looked super fun and its always nice to reconnect with best friends, like nothing ever changes no matter how different life becomes!

    1. I am right there with you, I am so drawn to the damp, green weather. I feel so at home there. I love San Diego, but sometimes I feel like we definitely belong somewhere else. If both of our families weren't here, I think we would have left years ago. And I agree, Oregon is so crunchy. I love how many healthy choices there are around each corner, makes life so much easier!

  2. whoa! lovely! i don't live anywhere near anything remotely hippie-like. i already know that a trip to oregon would pull at the heart stings mighty strong. such beautiful photos!

    1. Thank you Richelle! San Diego is pretty laid back and hippieish, but Oregon is so much more so. It is truly awesome, I love it there.

  3. No sales tax? Geez, I might move to Oregon, haha. Really though, it looks gorgeous. I've never been (not exactly nearby D:)
    It sounds like it was a good time and I'm so happy to hear you enjoyed yourself xox

    1. Right?! The no sales tax thing is so awesome! I was telling my husband next time we need to make a big purchase it would be such a good decision to make the trip up there and we would save so much money.

  4. i think i was born on the wrong coast

    1. I know what you mean. Sometimes I feel like I was born in the wrong state.

  5. Whoa, simply stunning!!! I've never been there, sadly. I'm all for a good road trip, I love, love, love, love them. I also would love a sailboat, or RV, that Jen and I can live on and travel. I'm not big on staying near family, I left my own when I was 18 as my heart was in Utah, but my body was in Illinois. So I moved here, and moved in with Jen and married her! One day, I'm sure we'll move away from Utah and we're both okay with that. We love adventure, we love traveling. I can understand, however, a big change being hard! Our first seasonal job took us away from home, and we were in a complete foreign to us place and that was hard for the first few hours. Afterwards, though, Jen calmed me down and I loved that place oh so much! Right on the lake. :D

    The good thing is, even if you don't move there, you can ALWAYS visit. It's always there!

    1. Thank you Angie! You both should definitely visit Oregon someday, it is such a cool place! I tell my husband all the time that I would love to sell our house and buy an RV, and just go. It would be such a cool adventure! I wish I was brave enough to move away from our families. We are both so close to them, and we would hate to miss my nieces and nephews grow up. Maybe when they are a little bit older, we will be ready for a big change!

  6. Oh, Hollie - I'd tried to comment on this post via my iPhone, but was devastated to see my comment disappear, ugh!

    Your photos of Oregon are so beautiful, lady! There is magic in that place, I am sure. Hubs and I travelled the OR coast last summer, and I fell in love. I was ready to move there in a heartbeat. Also, Angry Orchard = yum yum yum!

    I'm so glad you had such a rich and happy holiday! <3


    1. Thank you! There is such magic there, it is hard to place. It just has such a cool vibe, that is like nowhere else I've been. I would love to travel the coast of OR, that would be so amazing! I am loving the Angry Orchard so much, I am so glad ciders are GF.

      Hope you are having an amazing adventure! xo