Monday, April 29, 2013


  Well, Monday is here again.  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!  I thought I would share another list of my current loves/happenings..

Listening to: Black Chandelier by Biffy Clyro.  On repeat all weekend, yes I am slightly obsessed right now.

Feeling:  Inspired.  My head is full of things I want to make and do.  Just making time for them is the main problem right now.  I did come up with a new bath salt recipe this weekend, I am calling California Dreaming.  Will share recipe soon!

Doing: Hooping.  Did quite a bit of it Saturday evening and yesterday.  I love it, but I need lots of practice!

Reading:  The new issue of Amulet Magazine.  Beautiful, inspiring.  This is the second issue, and to be honest, I did not think they could outdo themselves after such a beautiful first issue.  But it is so wonderful, worth every penny.

Laughing at: Shit New Age Girls say.  I know it has been going around for awhile now, but it still makes me crack up every time.  Only because it is SO true.   PS-I love your feathers.....

Watching:  Game Of Thrones.  Yes, I am one of the millions obsessed with this show.  So good, every week.

What are you guys into these days?


  1. I laughed so hard when I found that video. I think theres one for guys and I went into a youtube loop looking at all the suggested videos. So funny!

    1. RIght?! It never gets old. When I am having a crappy day, I watch it and laugh every time.